Redesign for Ciao Pack wine

Package Design for Colour Blindness 

Winner - Lyn Jamieson Award (OCADU 4th-year Graphic Design)

Sponsored by the Packaging Association of Canada. Awarded for excelllence in structural package design. 

This project is a redesign of Ciao Pack Wine. Maintaining the brand identity, I introduced new colours and designs to the package. The purpose was to make Ciao Pack wine universally accessible to consumers regardless of their age, size, ability, or disability.

This project aims to address the packaging design challenges faced by often-overlooked consumer groups, particularly those who are not considered "typical" or "average" consumers. The focus is on enhancing the needs of these groups, which are not being adequately met by existing packaging design strategies.In this project, the main target audience is colour-blind consumers. The aim is to improve the packaging design by introducing new contrasting colours, patterns, and typography, which would help the colour-blind consumers easily identify and differentiate between various products, particularly different SKUs of wine. By considering the unique needs of this group, this packaging design approach ensures that all consumers can fully engage with the product and have an enjoyable and seamless experience.”

Research - Types of Colour Blindness

Redesign Proposal

Original Package (Image below)

Design Brief

Visual Research

Logo Design - Typography

Logo Design - Graphic elements

Colour Explorations

PDP (Principal Display Panel) Design

Pattern design

Colour Simulation

Final Colour Combinations

Adding Braille to the cap (Universal Design)

Final Dieline - Pinot Grigio

Final Dieline - Primitivo Merlot

Final Dieline - Rose

Using Format